(2017) 15MINS

A man hides in his home- safe from the problems of life. But there's no escape from tragedy and his responsibility. Doing nothing is not an option - as he comes to learn.

Starring: Michael Liebmann, Janine Walker, Chris McMahon, Mary French and Pearse Mooney.

Written & Directed by Michael Costello

Produced by Michael Costello & Carleton Rodgers

Director of Photography: Carl Quinn

Edited by: Carleton Rodgers

Music by: James Everett


"Despite the isolated nature of the film I added in some dark comedy to make it more entertaining while still maintaining a serious approach."

Michael Costello - Director



. DU Film Festival*
. Film Devour Short Film Festival
. Elevation Indie Film Awards*
. NI Short Film Awards
. Yellow Fever Film Festival
. Carlow International Film Festival*
. Performance & Media Film Awards

. The Short Film Show

. Cabin Fever Film Festival


* Winner - Best Screenplay - DU Film Festival
* Winner - Best Actor - DU Film Festival
* Winner - Spotlight Award - Elevation Indie Film Awards
* Winner - Best Director - Carlow International Film Festival