The Old Irish WasherWoman (2014)

Set against the landscape of early 20th Century Ireland, The Old Irish WasherWoman tells the tale of Cathal and Seamus and their journey toward self discovery. Their friendship is put to the test when after a night of drinking and telling ghost stories on a cold, dark mountain Seamus encounters the terrifying Banshee and must decide whether or not to tell his friend who cannot hear her wails.



Director: Carleton Rodgers

Writer: Michael Costello

Producer(s): Michael Costello & Carleton Rodgers

Starring: Gerard McDonald, Brendan Quinn, Melissa Reid, Paul Laverty, Mary French, Pearse Mooney and Aaron Smyth.

'The Old Irish WasherWoman' was rated highest in its category by the Film Festival audience at the 2015 Belfast Film Festival.