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(2018) 10MINS

Jack is unemployed and living with his grandmother. He attends an interview with the hope of getting the job but luck is not in his favour.

Starring: May McFettridge, Mario McEntee, Michael Costello, Paul Laverty and Fionbharr Butler.

Written & Directed by Michael Costello

Produced by Michael Costello and Mario McEntee

Director of Photography: Carl Quinn

Edited by: Carleton Rodgers

Music by: James Everett

not my day poster 2.jpg
Not My Day(2).jpg

Everyone at some point in their lives has a bad or unlucky day so I feel this silly little film will be relatable to many people.

Michael Costello - Director


Heart of the Glens Film Festival

Film Devour Short Film Festival*

Cinemagic Short Film Festival

NI Young Artist of the Year exhibition

DU Film Festival*

Boyne Valley Electronic Arts Festival

Elevation Indie Film Awards*

Saints and Sinners Film Festival

* Best Actor Nominee - Michael Costello - DU Film Festival

* Spotlight Award - Elevation Indie Film Awards

* Audience Runner-up - Film Devour Short Film Festival

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