The Cancer Monster (2020)

A girl living in a cancer ward is forced to confront her deepest fears - real or imaginary. At stake is life itself.



Starring: Eva Morris, Jack McAvoy, Marty Maguire, Janine Walker, Claire Kieran, Julia McComish and Ian Reid.

Written & Directed by Michael Costello

Produced by Janine Walker, Michael Costello & Carleton Rodgers

Director of Photography: Carl Quinn

Music by: James Everett

The Cancer Monster is a story about hope and overcoming adversity. Everyone has their own monsters to overcome and they take many forms in our daily lives.

Michael Costello- Director


Birmingham Film Festival, UK


Central Florida Film Festival, USA

Central Florida Cinefest, USA

Dublin Int. Short Film & Music Festival, Ireland

Gold Movie Awards, UK

Kansas International Film Festival, USA

Oceanside International Film Festival, USA

Orlando Film Festival, USA

Underground Short Film Awards, Ireland

Underground Cinema Film Festival, Ireland

Richard Harris International Film Festival, Ireland

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